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Notes from a Crusty Seeker

A New Way to Discuss Health-Care Reform

“Body movements affect emotional processes. For example, adopting the facial expressions of specific emotions (even via unobtrusive manipulations) affects emotional judgments and memories,” says a study in the August 25th volume of Psychological Science. So here is me, writing this blog:
(picture of a funny looking smiling girl, which keeps disappearing)

The study goes on to say that lying down makes you react less angrily to antagonizing stimuli. So here’s how I think it would be best for you to read this blog:
(picture of a guy lying on a cloud -- which seems to disappear. Go figure...)

Now let’s talk about health care.

Really, that’s all I wanted to say.

I think the whole country should lie down for this discussion. Just imagine it: Town hall meetings would be so mellow that nobody would be able to stand up for questions. The guy at the podium would make a point, somebody in the audience would say, “Right on,” or “No way,” then everybody would roll over and snuggle. The Senate and the Congress could have slumber party chats. And maybe everybody would finally realize we want the same thing — for everyone to have access to good health care.

And while we’re all snuggling, maybe we could decide on a standardized spelling: health care, healthcare, or health-care?

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