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Cats on a Pole


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"A battle of the sexes for the New Age. Funny and insightful, it glows with a violet-magenta aura."

—John Sayles, novelist, screenwriter, director


A wonderful story filled with imagination, humor, and great wisdom. Betsy Robinson is a brilliant writer whose creativity shines in this book. Cats on a Pole is a great read!

—Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts


A crazy-funny, edgy, sexy comedy of broken lives and leaky auras that has the makings of a terrific New Age movie.

—Robert Moss, bestselling author of Moscow Rules and Conscious Dreaming


Despite his psychic gifts, healing teacher Joshua Gardner never saw student Harmony Rogers coming. Cats on a Pole is the story of two psychically-gifted people who are isolated—like cats stuck up on a telephone pole. But their belief that they don't fit in actually makes them more like most people than either of them will acknowledge.


A passionate love affair without physical contact, a battle of wills without speech, a psychic duel between male and female equals who have, for the first time, met their match. Cats on a Pole is an intense, sexy, sometimes funny, metaphysical love story that "outs" the insecurities we all have, exposing our overwhelming commonality.