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Kano Press Novels

Coming in 2024 (sign up for newsletter announcements on newsletter page, above)


Cats on a Pole


"A battle of the sexes for the New Age. Funny and insightful, it glows with a violet-magenta aura."

—John Sayles, novelist, screenwriter, director



Despite his psychic gifts, healing teacher Joshua Gardner never saw student Harmony Rogers coming. Cats on a Pole is the story of two psychically-gifted people who are isolated—like cats stuck up on a telephone pole. But their belief that they don't fit in actually makes them more like most people than either of them will acknowledge.


A passionate love affair without physical contact, a battle of wills without speech, a psychic duel between male and female equals who have, for the first time, met their match. Cats on a Pole is an intense, sexy, sometimes funny, metaphysical love story that "outs" the insecurities we all have, exposing our overwhelming commonality.





The Spectators


"A novel that in the last chapter reaches the only heaven to which I aspire: a life fully awake to this beautiful bleeding Earth."

—David James Duncan, author of Sun House and The Brothers K



This is what you get when you mix apathy, shamanism, Buddhism, esoteric Yogic traditions, quantum physics, the power of DNA ancestry, and cluelessness with a small band of older women negotiating chaos in New York City in the era just preceding Trump.


Part love letter to NYC's Upper West Side, part an ode to friendship between a writer and her creations (reluctant psychic protagonist Lily Hogue and her loner friends, with guest appearances of real and fictional historical events and people, from Bernie Madoff to Paul Simon to terrorists), The Spectators' cast of characters battles the problems of foreknowing disasters we cannot control and being part of an uncontrollable human herd.