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Girl Stories & Game Plays

New and Expanded 2nd Edition

Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple ebook.

Paperback available (large print).

If you would like to support your local indie bookstore, you can order paperback from there through nonprofit Bookstore.org.

323 pages of fun.


Ebook: 978-1-0880-4707-1; $6.99

Paperback: 978-1-710286229

Pub date: August 10, 2022

Praise for the book

Your turns of phrase — creative freedom with language — turned me on throughout; that's the reason why people still read. I laughed out loud, I laughed out loud, I laughed out loud! A ticklish read from start to finish.

—Jason Love, syndicated humor writer, author of So It Goes: Stories for People Who Laugh

I was seduced into believing these were just ‘stories’ and then was zinged with surprising twists. The precision of the writing is gripping, dialogue is riveting. Each story stands on its own but then becomes a part of a greater whole, with some characters appearing and reappearing, as though they want us to know them better.
—Diane Booth, psychotherapist

Diverse, lively, often hilarious...
—Chronogram, December 2005

* * *

24 Subversive Stories & 3 Funny One-act Plays, including Darleen Dances

Girls lost in ice cream and fantasies and a love of comfortable shoes; mean girls; scared girls; naked girls; bald girls.

This anthology offers a different (maybe sneaky) kind of journey that builds like a novel ... or something else entirely. A feast of silly, serious, strange, sexy, transcendent, and laugh-out-loud funny stories of girls and girl-women. Included among the trilogy of one-act plays is an updated version of the popular audition-monologue play Darleen Dances, along with Notes for Actresses. The one-acts can be performed singly or as a trilogy using one cast of actors.

This is a book for everyone who enjoys a good laugh, a cathartic cry, and an entertaining tale.

A great gift for men who like their brains teased and girl-women of all ages.

What is a girl-woman?

A girl-woman can be 16 or 60. She's innocent like a fox. But mainly she's alive! Alive like a girl, wise like a woman.

Famous girl-women:

• Cat Deeley
• Eloise (of the children's books)
• Goldie Hawn
• Whoopi Goldberg
• Drew Barrymore
• Alice Walker
• Tinkerbell
• Norah Jones
• Doris Lessing
• Alicia Keys
• Lisa Simpson (of The Simpsons)
• Georgia O'Keeffe

and maybe you or someone you love?

What kind of stories are girl-women stories?

Silly, serious, strange, slightly subversive, transcendent, sexy, and laugh-out-loud funny. (Read "Jakey, Get Out of the Buggy" by clicking on title in righthand column).

from Darleen Dances:

"I read this book by a movie star which said that the key to peace of mind is standing on your head. The theory is when you get all the blood in your head, it gives you this whoosh, and then all the bad thoughts and stuff fall outa your head and down on down to hell where they belong. Personally I'da preferred floating, but at least with this method gravity's on your side..."

from Watching the Human Race:

"The crowd freezes, and for one heavenly long moment, everything seems to go into slow motion. Marla looks at the hundreds of men, women, children, and wheelchair racers and sees a procession of bodies in meditation. Thousands of people in motion, yet nobody stepping on anyone else. Yes, there are a few who are sizing up the competition, but mostly they are deep within themselves, running the best they can. They run like a heartbeat. Hearts with legs."

Betsy Robinson reads 2-page story, "An American Family," a satirical update of the "Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot (the dog), and Puff (the cat)" early-reader texts used to teach first graders to read from 1930 to 1965.

(Copyright © 2020 Betsy Robinson. All rights reserved)