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Notes from a Crusty Seeker

Rants & Raves: Staples, Oxford, Garnier Nutritioniste, Obama

I’m living on unemployment at the moment, so I’m consuming a lot less than I used to. And that means I think a whole lot about what I’m choosing to consume. Below, for my own gratitude and ventilation, are some Rants & Raves. Feel free to add your own in comments:

RAVE: Staples Stores
I got a whole ream of recycled paper today, free with the coupon I received for recyling ink cartridges. I was worried I’d only be able to buy more ink, but no — you can do the right thing and actually get something you need with the recycle benefit.
Not only that, I thought Staples only recycled ink cartridges and batteries. Did you know they also take electronics? I’ve got a busted computer adapter and cable that Hewlett-Packard was going to charge to me return for recycle. I can just drop it off at Staples. Not only that, but the Staples employees look you in the eye when they talk to you and treat you like a human being.

RANT: Oxford Health Insurance
I’ve been told by every doctor I’ve spoken to that they are the worst for reimbursement and also for breast health preventive care. Today I found out firsthand. They denied payment — and only corrected it after a phone call — for a yearly mammogram, and they don’t cover breast ultrasounds which are now standard requirements for screening anyone with dense breast tissue. Boooo!

RAVE: Obama’s Grassroots Meetings
If you’re fed up with our health insurance system, you can find a meeting to attend this weekend — a “Health Care Organizing Kickoff” near you — at the Obama site.

RAVE: Garnier Nutritioniste’s Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller
It works and beats paying $7,000 for plastic surgery which no insurer will cover even if your eyes are so puffy it’s interfering with your vision. Yay eye goop!

RANT & RAVE: Looking or Not Looking You in the Eye?
Probably store employees who don’t look you in the eye when you ask a question don’t like their jobs. Or maybe they’re treated badly and are making minimum wage. Whatever the reason, it feels awful and I’m sure it doesn’t help business when people in a customer service position literally ignore you and mumble in answer to a question. Boooo.

I think it would be really swell if we all started talking directly to each other. Maybe all business would pick up. (Staples seems to understand that.) Maybe there’d be no more wars. (Did you hear or read Obama’s Egypt speech?)

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