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Notes from a Crusty Seeker

The Truth: Most People Are Good

November 2, 2018

Tags: compassionate wisdom

Early morning, what do I see?
No makeup and no disguise.
An old Jew, sad but very wise.
I will not hate, nor will I deny.
Instead I will live with open eyes.

I actually like seeing myself as an old Jew these days. And I like that I like it. I like what it makes me a part of. I like my long, ancient roots that result in this old Jew face. I love the wisdom that comes through my DNA—to know that I/we have survived centuries of assaults, and yes, I am sad that there has been another one in Pittsburgh, but I "feel" my history and through it, strength. These are all feelings and knowings in my old Jewish face, and I'm grateful.

I was not raised in any religion and align with none, yet I know that would not matter to anti-Semites. These attacks are not about religion. A synagogue is merely a means to find a group of people to kill—people who are seen as "other" and "not real humans." I think if we begin to see racism as racism, we will find that those of us who are targeted (Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Indian Americans, Arabs, Persians, etc., and the ever-growing population of mixed-race people), along with all the mixed-race families, LGBTQ people, and people who are not targeted but want to live in an egalitarian world—all these humans are possibly a huge majority with enormous power to extinguish hatred and hate-induced horrors that are currently empowered by an administration that is pandering to a minority.


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