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Darleen Dances

"Sometimes brief description doesn’t even begin to do justice to a play. Such is the case with Darleen Dances." — Adrienne Urbanski, Pulse of the Twin Cities

The opening monologue* to Darleen Dances has become a favorite audition piece for actresses since it was published in Moving Parts in 1992.

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The turns of phrase—creative freedom with language—turned me on throughout; that's the reason why people still read. I laughed out loud, I laughed out loud, I laughed out loud! A ticklish read from start to finish. Darleen Dances is brilliant. I always wanted more.
—Jason Love, syndicated humor writer

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*Full monologue and play, along with new "Notes for Actresses Performing the Opening Monologue," available in PDF.

Full play also available in Girl Stories & Game Plays.

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