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Notes from a Crusty Seeker

The Truth: Most People Are Good

November 2, 2018

Tags: compassion wisdom

Early morning, what do I see?
No makeup and no disguise.
An old Jew, sad but very wise.
I will not hate, nor will I deny.
Instead I will live with open eyes.

I actually like seeing myself as an old Jew these days. And I like that I like it. I like what it makes me a part of. I like my long, ancient roots that result in this old Jew face. I love the wisdom that comes through my DNA—to know that I/we have survived centuries of assaults, and yes, I am sad that there has been another one in Pittsburgh, but I "feel" my history and through it, strength. These are all feelings and knowings in my old Jewish face, and I'm grateful. (more…)

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