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Notes from a Crusty Seeker

Meryl Streep, Toilet Paper, and the Merits of Pretending

May 23, 2010

Tags: compassionate wisdom, fun, review, Cost Cutting

Yesterday I bought 24 rolls of Marcal Small Stepsģ totally recycled toilet paper because it was on sale for $4.99 plus tax at ó with free shipping if you got it sent to a store where youíd pick it up.

I donít know where Iím going to store 24 rolls of toilet paper, but Marcal is hard to find, Iíve been buying it since before recycling was popular, and Iím loyal to the brand. Plus which, itís a whole lot better than the more popular recycled brands.

It really bugs me that Marcal had to change its name to Small Stepsģ and redesign its packaging and probably fire all its marketing people and hire new ones to try to compete with the eco-newcomers. It really bugs me that Small Stepsģ still isnít carried in organic markets. It is unbelievably annoying that you can do something for 60 years and, when what youíre doing finally becomes popular, youíre still unpopular.

Which brings me to Meryl Streep. (more…)

Don't Close the New York Public Library!

May 11, 2010

Tags: compassionate wisdom, fun, healing, Unemployment, Cost Cutting

For a person whoís not really into acquiring things, Iím amazed at how much stuff I have: a whole wall of books, three file cabinets of manuscripts, and then thereís the music ó the tapes and CDs, not to mention my collection of 33 1/3 records that take up two feet of floor in my bedroom and simply cannot be discarded.

I plan to weed. In my bedroom closet thereís a trunk full of I-donít-know-what ó oh no, itís photo albums and decades of personal journals that Iíll never read or look at, but I cannot throw away.

One nice thing about being unemployed is that I no longer buy anything to add to the clutter. I mean that. Aside from food and rent and essential services, I donít spend money. And I donít feel the least deprived. Why? (more…)

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