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Editing Services

Betsy Robinson - Editing Services

I offer gentle help for writers and non-writers who want to produce books, brochures, press releases, newsletters, etc.


I am currently editing books — at the developmental and later stages of manuscript writing.
I will:

• Copy edit
• Style (per Chicago Manual — the industry standard)
• Make your writing flow, enhancing and clarifying your voice (rather than changing it)
• Turn your work into finished, professional prose

I am particularly interested in service-related projects (eco-living, healing, therapy, spiritual growth, human and animal welfare) and I have a background in spiritual psychology. I've enormously enjoyed working with people on memoirs that are written to serve others.

To see a complete résumé, go to my Editorial Freelancers Association profile.




— Pamela Wible, M.D., founder of IdealMedicalPractice.org


"I am working my way through your edits and want to thank you for editing from the heart as well as the head. I can actually feel where you come from as an editor, and I want to acknowledge you. Thank you again."
— Judith Fein, travel journalist, author of Life Is a Trip


"Betsy Robinson was an incredible gift to my writing and editing process. She understood my work at a very deep level, and brought tremendous insight to the material. My book would not have become what it is without her keen and wise mind and heart. She also was incredibly generous and helpful in getting my book published."
— Nancy Shainberg-Colier, LCSW, Rev., psychotherapist, interfaith minister, public speaker, and author of Inviting a Monkey to Tea: Befriending Your Mind and Discovering Lasting Contentment


"I am pleased that Betsy really seems to honor and understand what I wrote, and has edited it beautifully. She is truly gifted at what she does. I can't thank her enough."
— Karen Rushen, author of Life's Greatest Teacher about the caregiving and experiences of a hospital chaplain


"Along with being personable, and an expert with high integrity, she offers her services at competitive rates, is on time, and creative. She went above and beyond when editing my book and it was a pleasure to work with her. I HIGHLY recommend Betsy Robinson and will be hiring her again in the future."
— Maureen Barberio, author of Gettin' Out of Bullytown


"I recommend Betsy wholeheartedly if you are looking for an editor and/or someone who can help you through the development of your manuscript. I've recently finished my first book, nonfiction, and Betsy could point out where things went wrong, where they were right and why, as well as correct grammar and all the other style-related things. She works fast, giving quality work for those with a budget, such as myself. I can't thank her enough for the work and advice she gave; she is fantastic. She will be the editor on my next book as well."
— Reb Robinson, author of the memoir A Haunted Life: The True (Ghost) Story of a Reluctant Psychic


"Your editing of the book was exquisite. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I found all your editings absolutely right on."
— Atala Dorothy Toy, author of Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts and founder of Crystal Life.


"Betsy has been my editor for the various articles I have written for Spirituality & Health magazine. I have written for numerous magazines over the years. I can say without reservation that Betsy is the best editor with whom I have had the privilege to work. She understood and appreciated my writing, and when she suggested changes, they served to enhance my message rather than to slip in her own. It is a rare editor who can make the editing process a pleasure for the writer. It has been my pleasure to work with Betsy, and I look forward to future opportunities to benefit from her editorial skills and insight."
— Gil Hedley, owner, Integral Anatomy Productions, LLC


"Betsy was my editor at Spirituality & Health magazine for the past few years. Her ability to edit and improve my column, as well as her ability to write her own insightful and cogent essays made working with her a delight. I would not hesitate to engage Betsy to edit my work in the future, and strongly recommend her to anyone looking to improve a manuscript and/or upgrade an on-line or print magazine."
— Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author, columnist, teacher


"Betsy is the kind of editor all writers hope to work for: When you know your stuff, she let's you do your thing. When you get a little off-track, she smartly paves the way. When you need a sounding board, she knows just how to listen. Betsy is a talented and professional editor, and I recommend her work wholeheartedly."
— Jennifer Derryberry Mann, writer, Spirituality & Health magazine

"As a feature and short piece contributor to Spirituality and Health magazine, I've had numerous opportunities to work with the multi-talented Betsy Robinson. She is a publishing polymath — a wonderful writer, intuitively spot-on editor and manager extraordinaire. Beyond her professional capacities, she is a joy to work with — creative, caring and enthusiastically energetic. She would be an asset to any publishing or writing enterprise and I couldn't recommend her more strongly."
— Peggy LaCerra, director, Center for Evolutionary Neuroscience


"Betsy Robinson is one of the best editors I have had the pleasure of working with in my 30 + year career as an art director and designer. Her professionalism, compassion, and dedication to her work are sincere and genuine. She is a tireless worker who delivers accuracy and consistency to her/the message while maintaining the bottom-line. She is a team player who is very helpful to others. Betsy has a calming quality that makes pressure filled schedules easy to manage. Overall her personal and professional qualities make people and projects better."
— John Goryl, owner, B&G Design Studios



I prefer to charge per-project fees, but also charge hourly. To learn more or see a resume of clients, contact me at
Tell me what you need. I'll be happy to help.