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Hi Betsy,


I found the site on your Goodreads page after you liked my review of Francine Prose's The Blue Angel. I just got here, so I'm going to look around--but I'm interested in knowing more about your editing of spiritual and psychological books.


Cheers, Steve Turtell



Hi Betsy, I'm so pleased to see that you have a new book out. It looks fun. I've just ordered it and look forward to reading it soon. Best wishes on your sales.
Ermalou Roller

I loved reading Marbles. It is touching and comforting.


It's been a long time, but I'm glad to see you're still doing your good work, creating and searching and bonding with dogs! Sometimes I check out the Parabola masthead in the checkout line. . . Joanna (Weinberg) Lawless



Happy new year, Betsy! I wish you the best of luck on all of your new adventures. I look forward to staying in touch via your blog or other - for now - virtual means, and will look for your contributions in S&H. By the way, I was very touched by your interview with Daniel Gottlieb "Getting used to Stuff" ... how appropriate for these trying times and a soothing tonic for a stressed soul. Reading your bio, I've discovered that we've got much in common, such as tutor, chambermaid, and restaurant hostess to name just a few ... all fabulous things that plant strength, perseverance and a good dose of humility in a life. Anyways ... Be well and thanks for years of great team work at S&H. Monika P.S. I have a children's novel in the works, and this time I will heed your advice and seek an agent ;-).

Interesting, colorful and full of cute dog pictures - what's not to like? Peggy La Cerra



Divine Intervention through Spirituality $ Health website is how I found you. Interesting fact is since childhood I continue to search for the bigger picture. My search led me to learn from the dying. I am a hospice nurse. Wow, the lessons learned and the ones I am still learning is beyond any other education. Thanks for your existance Besty Robinson. The best to you. Laura J. Neuhalfen


I found this site because I watched Lianna for the first time in 25 years and I was curious about the different cast members, so I Googled you. It seems you are doing well and have had a very interesting life and, though I don't actually know you, I am happy for that. I enjoyed your performance in Lianna very much, and I wish you all the best. – Randy Jones


wow! great site--I'll be checking out your writing when I get back from my current trip! (found the site from your email to me about my Betsy site). Betsy Riley (webmaster, computer geek, artist, dancer, ...)


Betsy - I found your website by first receiving my regular email from Spirituality&Health, watching the video portion (scroll down to "studio" with Betsy Robinson interview) of your interview on Am I a Healer on Hallmark channel, looking for that specific article on the website but finding the article you wrote about This is a Safe Place instead - reading that, and then with your byline, clicked on. I read the portion of your new novel - and really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your work - I really am a fan of the magazine, more so now that I know a bit of who you are.


Read your column about the in "Spirituality and Health" and was intrigued to learn more. I want to be better about believing in the unbelievable so I can pass it on to my kids one day. BGS



I have known Darleen Dances for years! I love that piece. Thank you for writing it. I'm Jaelle Dragomir's daughter and she directed me to your site- I've purchased a book. Thank you! ~Danielle Ozymandias

so glad you kept me on your fan list. my darleen dances monologue gets me called back every time! thanks!!!!! good luck with the book, marcie prohofsky, girl-woman in san francisco