New Funny Novel

April 26, 2014

Dear Newsletter Subscribers:

It's not quite here, but almost. My new funny novel, "The Last Will & Testament of Zelda McFigg," has a pre-pub order page at Black Lawrence Press. Black Lawrence is an absolute gem of an indie publisher, so if you feel moved, please order from them instead of amazon.

All the info is on the link, but here's the blurb:

Cousin to Ignatius J. Reilly ("A Confederacy of Dunces") and Homer Simpson, Zelda McFigg believes she could have been somebody, if only someone had recognized her inner beauty and star quality. She runs away from home at age 14, and at age 49 ¼ writes this furiously funny memoir to “set the record straight.”

And here's the Black Lawrence link:
(paste it into your browser; I don't think this newsletter makes hot links).

All the best,
Betsy Robinson

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