Launch of New Funny Kindle Book

November 15, 2017

Dear Newsletter Subscribers,

My writing partner Dawn Baumann Brunke and I just published a funny girl-pal spiritual enlightenment quest ebook on Kindle. You can see everything about it on the Bea and Dee website, but the short description is:

A book for foodies who are committed to self-change through self-awareness.

Meet Dee, an intellectual with a disreputable past and a passion for food, sex, and fashion, and Bea, the former star of antacid and hemorrhoid commercials who dislikes most everything except Dee. The two decide to become self-proclaimed best-selling spiritual experts after Dee has a dream that they are. The tale of their journey to enlightenment takes place over meals, and each chapter ends with a spiritual practice—written not only to entertain, but to offer a deeper, truer, and certainly a funnier kind of wisdom than the plethora of “how-to-be-spiritual” books.

Available FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and CHEAP on regular Kindle:

Watch the YouTube Launch video and have a good laugh.

Happy Holidays,
Betsy Robinson

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