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October 1, 2016

Dear Newsletter Subscribers,

I’ve just published an e-book of my novel Plan Z by Leslie Kove. Until now, it has only been available in a paperback—that’s just gone out of print. Here’s the information (and I promise you will not receive any more emails about this—unless you are on one other list—in which case, I apologize. No more notices after that one).

All the best,
Betsy Robinson

As a little girl growing up in Squitchit, New York, Leslie Kove doubtless imagined that she and her two siblings would one day marry, have kids, and make ordinary productive lives for themselves. But by 1970, her brother, Peter, has died in Vietnam. Her sister, Susan, a scholarship student at Bennington College in Vermont, has changed her name to Sabra-Sou and dances topless in political demonstrations. And Leslie, a high school senior, has no idea what to say when people ask her what she’s going to do with her life: She needs a plan.

This first-person tragicomedy begins with Leslie’s visit to Bennington in May 1970 and continues over two decades as she journeys through “the rabbit hole”—like a modern-day Alice in the Wonderland that is America. (Originally published in 2001 as winner of Mid-List Press’s First Series Award for the novel, this is a revised e-book edition.)

Available on’s Kindle: Plan Z by Leslie Kove

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