Best Funny Difficult Women Books--A Quest

December 2, 2015

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This year I went on a quest to read the best funny fiction I could find about difficult women protagonists. I did this because I felt lonely after writing my own such book, The Last Will & Testament of Zelda McFigg, the tale of a 4'11", 237 pound woman with a habit of lying, burgling, and incinerating houses—a woman desperate to be seen and accepted for her talent and inner beauty.

Although there are many examples of good comedy that is glib, slick, or trendily caustic, this is not what I longed for. I craved well-written, well-published literary fiction written with an original voice that would be good in any era. Stories about real, flawed, not necessarily likable grown-up women.

Here is my list, (published in the December/January 2016 edition of BUST magazine).

To see a readable copy of this article, go to the blog and click on the image to blow it to full-size.

If you know other such books, I’d love to hear about them. You can email me at Thanks.


P.S. You can find all these books on amazon or And you can find my recent books here:

The Last Will & Testament of Zelda McFigg

The Trouble with the Truth by my mother, Edna Robinson (edited by me)

Selected Works

Big Moose Prize-winning novel
a funny, sometimes sad, story of negotiating life without a clue

New on Kindle--a funny book for foodies who are committed to self-change through self-awareness
an epistolary memoir ... sort of
A funny and moving little book for anyone who's had a mother or struggled with being human.
anthology of stories and plays
includes Darleen Dances and stories below

1-act play

short story
the problem with worrying about the future

true story
Why I don't believe in death.

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